Technical program

You can download a PDF version of the program and the final report.

DAY 1 - Wednesday, January 23rd: TUTORIALS, PRESENTATIONS, DEMOS

09H30 - 10H00 Welcome coffee (25-26/105)
10H00 - 10H10 Introduction (Jordan Augé, UPMC)

Components (approx. 30 min talks and 10 min discussion)

10H10 - 10H50 SFA & SFAWrap tutorial (Mohamed Amine Larabi, INRIA)
ppt slides (PPT)
10H50 - 11H30 MySlice tutorial (Jordan Augé, Loïc Baron, UPMC)
pdf slides (part 1) (PDF) ogv video (part 2) (OGV) pdf slides (part 3) (PDF)
11H30 - 12H10 NEPI tutorial (Alina Quereilhac, INRIA)
pdf slides (PDF)

Integration efforts (approx. 15 min talks/demos and 10 min discussion)

12H10 - 12H30 NEPI/OMF integration (Julien Tribino, Alina Quereilhac, INRIA; Pieter Becue, iMinds)
No slides yet!
12H30 - 14H00 Lunch (@ L'Ardoise - Jussieu Campus)
14H00 - 14H25 NEPI/MySlice integration (Lucia Guevgeozian, INRIA)
odp slides (ODP)
14H25 - 14H50 FITeagle/MySlice integration (Stefan Harder, Mitja Nikolaus, TUB)
ppt slides (PPT)
14H50 - 15H15 IoT-LABR, Integration of SFA, OMF/OML, MySlice (Frédéric Saint-Marcel, Sandrina Avakian, Anthony Garcia, INRIA)
ppt slides (PPT)
15H15 - 15H40 How to run mobile experiments @ iMinds w-iLab.t (Vincent Sercu and Pieter Becue, iMinds)
ppt slides (PPT)
15H40 - 16H05 NOVI Services to Control, Manage and Monitor Virtual Testbeds in SFA-enabled Platforms (József Stéger, ELTE)
No slides yet!
16H05 - 16H40 Coffee Break (25-26/105)
16H40 - 17H05 Making NITOS SFA-compliant - NITOS Scheduler (Harris Niavis, UTH)
ppt slides (PPT)
17H05 - 17H30 Building an OMF 6 Resource Controller for OpenFlow support (Kostas Choumas, UTH)
ppt slides (PPT)
17H30 - 18H00 Preparation of working groups

DAY 2 - Thursday, January 24th : WORKING GROUPS

09H00 - 09H30 Welcome coffee
09H30 - 12H30 Working groups & discussion sessions:
  • 09H30 - 11H00 : interoperability of experiment controllers
  • 11H00 - 12H30 : integration of measurement systems
12H30 - 14H00 Lunch (@ L'Ardoise - Jussieu Campus)
14H00 - 16H00 Working groups (continued) - Main topics: MySlice, NEPI, OMF/OML
16H00 - 16H30 Coffee Break
16H30 - 18H00 Working groups (continued) - Main topics: MySlice, NEPI, OMF/OML

DAY 3 - Friday, January 25th : WORKING GROUPS & WRAP-UP

09H00 - 09H30 Welcome coffee
09H30 - 11H30 Working groups (continued)
11H30 - 12H30 Wrap up session